Published by RVB Books, 2017

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Oscillating between fantasy and reality, Noémie Goudal’s images explore both real and fictional geography, creating ephemeral spaces that question the nature of the image and its representational qualities. Her work draws from the complex symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, between the artificial and the organic. The series Stations continues to explore these subjects, focusing on human perception of the sky as influenced by projecting representational interpretations. The images blend together her references to mythology, legends, religious symbolism and scientific theory. Basing off of the symbolic spherical shape in reference to infinity and perfection, Goudal constructs her installations out of paper, wood and mirrors. Suspended in the sky, shot from high viewpoints or in isolated locations, these objects question our perception of the intangible nature of the infinite sky.

30x37 cm

40 pages

20 color photographs


ISBN 979-10-90306-61-5


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